Tear drop shape with long antennae and three, distinctive bristles extending from the back end


Range of brownish-grays to more blues and silvers


Approximately 12 – 19 inches long


Dark, damp places both indoors and outdoors

Interesting Facts

Silverfish bodies are covered in tiny, fine scales

About the Silverfish

Because they live in damp places, most property owners will find silverfish in basements, bathrooms and break rooms – they’re often found in sinks and other sources of water. They are fast moving and nocturnal, as well as rapid reproducers, so it’s easy to miss them for an extended period of time, making the infestation worsen quickly. Silverfish feed mainly on carbohydrates, so you can find damage in clothes, papers, books and certain food products. If you don’t notice any feeding damage, be aware that silverfish feces are small and pepper-like, a sure sign of a pest problem.

Silverfish Control

Controlling moisture and exercising proper storage of clothing, boxed goods and food is your best approach to preventing a silverfish problem. If you store decorations, clothing or paper products, make sure the boxes are weatherproof and well sealed.


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