Food Safety Auditing

Facilities that produce food, distribute food and manufacture food grade product are under intense scrutiny from regulatory and certifying agencies. Integrated pest management is a major component of food safety audits due to the potential to spread disease or contaminate food items, which could result in a serious infraction. 
Pests are the most common cause of formal closures in commercial facilities. The pest management portion of an audit can account for up to 20 percent of a facility’s score. It is possible to lose points for items that can be easily prevented. Incomplete documentation and out of date schematic maps are two common issues.
PSSI Pest Solutions will help you achieve an excellent rating on your next food safety audit by providing in depth auditing services and pest management programs such as a pre-audit inspection program.

Pre-Audit Inspection Program

Our pre-audit inspection provides our customers with detailed audit preparation to help ensure the highest possible score on the pest management portion of your audits. 
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