Kudzu Bug


Nearly square bug with slightly rounded edges; young kudzu bugs are hairy


Range of light browns to olive tones


1/4 inch


Among food sources, such as kudzu patches, as well as in crevices and covered places during cooler months

Interesting Facts

Second generation kudzu bugs are attracted to bean-type plants making them dangerous pests in the agricultural sector

About the Kudzu Bug

Kudzu bugs are a relatively new pest in the United States, but they are on the rise, much to the concern of farmers throughout the Southeast. Kudzu, wisteria, soybeans and other bean-based crops are common habitats for kudzu bugs during warmer months, but during fall and winter, they seek out shelter – this is when most business owners notice them. They take shelter in crevices of trees, dense foliage and are especially drawn to light colored structures. Check around window sills, door frames and entrances, such as vents, for early detection of these pests.

Kudzu Bug Control

Although kudzu bugs are newer to the area than some other bugs, Strategic Industries already has a strong track record of successfully removing them from the indoors, as well as putting prevention plans in place to reduce chances of future infestation. Using the safest products and materials on the market, our specialists will help identify the sources of your kudzu bugs and remediate any indoor pest problems that have already developed.


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