Cat Flea


Narrow, laterally compressed and very small


Reddish brown


1 – 2 millimeters in length


Warmer environments and on host animals

Interesting Facts

Some humans and animals are allergic to compounds in the flea’s saliva

About the Cat Flea

Despite its name, cat fleas are also the primary flea affecting dogs, humans and other animals throughout the United States. Often, they will live their entire life cycle in their host environment, which is why it’s very important to keep your pets protected from fleas. Adults are sucking pests, feeding on the blood of their host and leaving traces of it in their fecal matter to feed the larvae once hatched. Larvae avoid the light but rapidly progress to adulthood, in four stages, making infestation a rather quick process.

Cat Flea Control

If your flea problem is severe, you will see the tiny, black specs jumping from pets, clothing and furniture.


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