Bed Bugs


Small, flat and wingless with a protruding head


Reddish brown


4 – 5 millimeters long


In crevices, cracks and folds near its host

Interesting Facts

The female can 1 - 5 lay eggs daily

About the Bed Bug

Under ideal conditions, bed bugs can live for nearly a year. They are nocturnal and feed exclusively from the blood of their host. The female lays eggs throughout her life, making it difficult to control an infestation. Sure signs of a bed bug problem include seeing the bugs on furniture; noticing skin casings from younger bed bugs that are molting; or experiencing unexplainable bites and skin conditions.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug epidemics often come in waves, and they are very adaptable, able to travel from room to room, or from luggage to an ideal habitat.


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