1.5″ Electric Chemical Transfer Pump Cart

The 1.5” Electric Transfer Pump Cart helps to save time by quickly transferring chemicals. A typical use case is to transfer chemicals from totes to bulk tanks. Unlike an AOD pump, transfer occurs with minimal noise and no pulsation. This pump cart is one wheels for portability and includes racks for pump hoses. 


  • 120 VAC powered
  • Fast transfer -- 330 gallon tote in less than 5 minutes; tote-to-tote or tote transfer at ground level (or other applications requiring low-head pressure) in under 4 minutes
  • Quiet and smooth transfer -- no pulsing like AOD pumps
  • Air inlet for line clean out to bulk tank
  • Racking for hoses
  • Mobile - pump mounted on cart with casters
  • Built in emergency stop

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