Real-Time Performance Metrics

Real-Time Performance Metrics (RPM) combines efficient data collection, storage, analytics and reporting with real-time alerts, notifications, tasks, and corrective actions tracking for our sanitation teams to help measure the success of your entire food safety operation.


The data is monitored closely by our site managers and can be easily shared and is assessable to make necessary adjustments. If any variable data is off during the sanitation process, we address these concerns immediately as it can impact the overall effectiveness of the cleaning. Our team focuses on documenting several key features that can influence a successful cleaning process, including:

  • Time
  • Water temperature
  • Titration (concentration of cleaning agents)
  • Mechanical force (i.e. water pressure)


RPM provides maximum visibility into our sanitation process, ensuring you know the exact steps are being taken to make sure your plant receives the highest level of service each night. Our system sends out alerts, giving you full transparency of the changes that are happening and updates that need to be made. It also allows for better communication from a response standpoint to ensure our process is done as fast and efficiently as possible.


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