KC-215 Degreaser RESOURCES

Related Products

KC-41 Freezer Cleaner

Medium-foaming, ready-to-use floor, wall and equipment cleaner for sub-zero environments. Resists freezing down to 7°F (‐14°C).

KC-48 Gel It

Quat-based gel. Effective on porous surfaces or surfaces that frequently become wet. Safe on concrete and painted surfaces.

KC-49 Gel Additive

Medium-foaming, powdered gel additive that creates a viscous clinging solution that offers increased contact time with vertical surfaces and better soil penetration.

KC-199 Anti-Fog

Anti-fog lens cleaning solution.

KC-210 Degreaser

Low foaming. D-Limonene based degreaser. Orange scent.

KC-211 Degreaser

Low foaming. D-Limonene and Dipentene based degreaser. Citrus-pine scent.

KC-216 Extra

Extra-strength, water soluble, non-VOC, biodegradable degreaser. Removes marker ink, gum and tire marks.


Aluminum-safe cleaner, low foam, with solvent. Excellent for aluminum freezer cleaning.


Nontoxic, biodegradable liquid bleaching composition.


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