Chain Cleaning System

  • Automated hands-free chain cleaning
  • Compatible with most chain carrying systems
  • Only one housing needed per chain
  • Able to clean and lubricate chain
    Example: 10-minute chain cycle would take 50 minutes for complete cleaning and lubrication of chain.

Safe Foods Chemical Innovations Chain Cleaning System (CCS) is a complete system that allows the user to clean a roller or slider chain with minimal labor. The typical system has one spray bar housing per chain, along with the Chain Cleaning Hose Cart.

Equipped to the CCS cart is a controller that sequences spray bars with hot water, foam, compressed air, lubricant. Cleaning cycle timings can be customized for different lengths of chain. Water temperature can be up to 300 psi at 140°F.

Key features:

  • Completely custom fit to chain runners
  • ALX-LITE controller
  • Five rotations of chain to achieve cleaning cycle
  • Rinse, foam, rinse, air dry and lubricant cycles
  • Able to program timing per chain cycle
  • One hose cart, multiple chain cleaning housings


  • Operational water pressure up to 300 psi
  • Maximum water temperature up to 140°F
  • Compressed air operation from 80-120 psi (must be dry air)
  • Electrical 110 VAC
  • Height of chain cleaning housing can be suited to meet your chain specs

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