Whitepaper: Clean, Safe & Audit-Ready


A Guide to Sanitation in Warehousing

Warehouses and Distribution Centers have unique needs when it comes to cleaning and sanitation. With more traffic and movement of people and objects than almost any other type of building, a lot of dirt, dust, and waste can accumulate in a short amount of time.

It requires a strategic approach amongst the chaos to ensure all surfaces are being cleaned regularly and properly sanitized. Build up and potential allergen contamination inside both warehouses and distribution vehicles can pose a significant risk to the products and the health and safety of workers.

Now more than ever, with a growing level of attention around sanitation and food safety management, it is critical to have the right experts to set your business up for success. Whether it be managing dangerous microbial elements, emerging audit requirements or implementing a plan in response to a pandemic virus, sanitation plays a critical role in the future of every business across the supply chain.

“I am so excited to have PSSI, and I love the partnership we created. With their team here, I now get to concentrate on my job and don’t have to worry about if everything is being cleaned and maintained in the warehouse.”

– Distribution Food Safety Program Manager/PSSI Customer


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