PSSI Helps Processing Partner Establish Certified Organic Program



A large West Coast RTE facility supported by PSSI wanted to start a new organic line of products to evolve its business. Through the company’s research in building its business plan, they learned that organic certification requires specific cleaning and sanitation protocols different from what they currently had in place. The requirements include specific chemistry, specific cleaning processes and validated residue testing protocols that are not part of standard sanitation program.


The processor notified our team at PSSI of their plans to include an organic product line and asked if we could help. PSSI quickly assembled a team of sanitation, food safety, operations and chemical experts familiar with organic certification requirements to develop a customized organic cleaning program. From the chemistry to the cleaning process to the testing protocols, PSSI had access to all the products and resources needed to get it done quickly and accurately. The team was able to deliver a new comprehensive sanitation plan that met all the customer’s needs and specific organic requirements to earn the proper certification needed to start the new organic product line.


Given PSSI’s expertise and experience in organic-specific sanitation, the processor was able to gain its certification and begin running its new organic product line seamlessly without any issues.

This opportunity demonstrates that having the right partner for your business is one of the keys to success. PSSI is prepared with the products, people, and plans to help you develop customized cleaning programs that are designed to meet your specific needs and grow your business.


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