Case Study: Enhancing Poultry Processing with Vorclone™ Technology


Within the poultry processing industry, ensuring food safety and operational efficiency is paramount. With consumer demand for safe and high-quality products on the rise, industry players are constantly seeking innovative solutions. One such solution under the spotlight is the Vorclone™ technology, specifically designed to revolutionize the filtration of scalder water—a critical component in poultry processing.

How Vorclone™ Works

Vorclone™ isn’t just another filtration system—it’s a transformative solution for poultry processing plants. By efficiently removing solids and heavy liquids from water streams, Vorclone™ ensures that water remains reusable, thereby promoting operational efficiency and sustainability. Its non-chemical intervention aligns with industry demands for environmentally friendly practices.

Our Objective

Understanding the significance of water quality in maintaining product cleanliness and meeting stringent regulatory standards, our team embarked on a comprehensive study to evaluate the efficacy of Vorclone™ technology. The objective was clear: to assess its ability to enhance microbial control and water clarity in poultry processing facilities.

What We Did

Over the course of two production days, our team meticulously collected and analyzed a total of 624 samples. These samples, comprising both water and carcass samples, were strategically collected throughout the production shift to capture variations in processing conditions. Our approach was thorough, ensuring a robust evaluation of Vorclone™ technology’s performance in real-world production settings.

The Results: Visibly Clearer Water, Safer Processing

The findings of our study were both compelling and promising. We observed a significant decrease in turbidity levels when Vorclone™ units were actively deployed. This reduction in water cloudiness indicated that Vorclone™ effectively maintained water clarity, even during peak production periods. Additionally, Vorclone™ contributed to a notable reduction in microbial load, including a substantial decrease in Campylobacter levels. This enhancement in microbial control not only improved food safety but also underscored the technology’s efficacy in mitigating potential health risks associated with poultry consumption.

In conclusion, the implications of our study are profound. Vorclone™ technology has the potential to revolutionize poultry processing operations, offering a compelling combination of safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether you’re striving to meet stringent food safety regulations or seeking to optimize your operational processes, Vorclone™ stands out as a solution that delivers tangible benefits.


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