PSSI builds new sanitation support plan for FDA food processing plant



An FDA food plant in California that produces ready to eat items for grocery stores like sandwiches, pizzas, deli items, and Pico de Gallo, was in desperate need of help. The contractor who was previously cleaning the plant was not suited to deliver on the needs and demands of their operation. The plant operates seven days per week, 365 days per year, so it has a unique business model. That makes it extremely difficult to build a sanitization schedule and employee turnover was very high due to the demanding schedule.


The plant turned to PSSI to help clean up the FDA food plant in California. With no prior observation process, due to an agreement between the customer and its competitors, PSSI had to start from scratch to execute a sanitation plan from day one. And on top of that, the chemical pumps were not working properly, and previous contractor had cutoff hoses and disconnected water drops in an effort to sabotage the plant.

Even with all of these challenges, PSSI quickly developed a plan of action and got the plant on track running smoothly in just 90 days. The PSSI team fixed the broken components and established a rotation team to effectively work around the seven day per week operation schedule. PSSI also assigned a dedicated quality site manager to ensure quality delivery and strengthen the relationship with the plant.


The company was so pleased with the improved efficiency and sanitation effectiveness in partnering with PSSI in California that they expanded its partnership to another plant in Texas that was struggling from lack of leadership and staffing issues.

PSSI sent its area manager in Texas to the company’s California plant to see how the program was built and operating so they could apply those key learnings. “The cross training in California was very helpful due to the company having a lot of sensitive equipment that does not get cleaned with the same seven step process we normally apply,” said the PSSI Texas Area manager. “We wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t personally see it.”

For example, during the plant manager’s observation he learned that both sites had a central chemical station that fed to every room, which was causing the issues with the pump not working properly. So he worked with the PSSI team to build a new plan with more tank foamers throughout the Texas plant. This type of communication and coordination between geographies has resulted in a more thorough and consistent approach to ensure the sanitation work is done right and delivered on-time for the corporate partner.


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