Taking the Pledge: Our Commitment to Compliance

Nov 16, 2023

At PSSI, we’ve taken the 'No Minors Pledge'—a commitment to maintaining a safe workplace by prohibiting the employment of minors in the facilities we serve.


Taking the Pledge: Our Commitment to Compliance

At PSSI, we’re committed to making a positive difference in the communities we call home. Recently, our team members wholeheartedly embraced this commitment, taking a pledge to ensure the prohibition of employing minors in the facilities we serve. This proactive step emphasizes our strong dedication to compliance and, most importantly, the safety of the children in our communities.

The Components of Our “No Minors Pledge”

1. Restriction of Facility Access
We strictly adhere to the policy of never allowing anyone under the age of 18 to enter or work in any PSSI-serviced facility. This fundamental rule ensures a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

2. Vigilant Oversight
Our team engages in vigilant oversight, actively looking for signs of underage individuals within the facilities we serve. This proactive approach is our first line of defense against child labor.

3. Prompt Reporting
To enhance our commitment, we’ve established an anonymous hotline, a dedicated channel for reporting any concerns related to potential underage workers.

4. Education and Empowerment
At the heart of our commitment is the coaching and training of our team members to spot signs of child labor, whether caused by identity theft capable of circumventing E-Verify or by spotting indicators of human trafficking. We believe that awareness of the root cause of child labor is key to eliminating child labor, and by instilling the importance of our policy, we empower our team to be advocates for change.

Uniting for Change

Our commitment to ending child labor is not just a pledge– it’s a promise we make to the future. When our team members took the “No Minors Pledge,” they embraced a responsibility to never allow anyone under 18 to work for us and to protect the well-being of children, just as they would their own.

As we diligently enforce our company’s prohibition of employing minors, it’s important to recognize that our mission extends far beyond the walls of the facilities we serve. This shared mission resides in the hearts of every team member, our community partners and every customer who supports us. Together, we can be aware of our surroundings, lookout for anyone who might be underage, and don’t hesitate to “speak up.”

For more information about PSSI’s remediation steps to enforce its zero-tolerance policy against employing anyone under age 18, please visit www.pssi.com/pssi-remediation-steps/.


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