A Virtual Hug—Sanitation Workers Recognized for Their Critical Role in Food Safety

May 11, 2023

PSSI recognizes the crucial role sanitation workers play in their efforts in keeping our food supply safe.


A Virtual Hug—Sanitation Workers Recognized for Their Critical Role in Food Safety

PSSI knows that sanitation workers are an integral part of the nation’s food manufacturing operation yet receive little public acknowledgment of their efforts in keeping Americans’ food supply safe—until now. A recent Meatingplace.com article titled, “Hug a Sanitation Employee Today” recognizes the crucial role these employees occupy in the food manufacturing system, reading in part:

“When it comes to food safety, some of the most important employees in any food manufacturing facility are the members of the sanitation crew. Sanitation employees are an essential component of any food manufacturing operation. Food safety is (as it must be) a top priority in any food manufacturing facility, and it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that the food produced is safe for consumption. Sanitation employees, however, play one of the most direct and critical roles in this process because they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the conditions within the facility will prevent the survival and growth of harmful bacteria and other contaminants.”

The article further outlines what is at stake should sanitation employees fail to properly carry out their responsibilities:

“Without proper sanitation, food can easily become contaminated and cause foodborne illnesses and/or large-scale recalls, which can be detrimental to the health of consumers and damaging to the reputation of the company. If the sanitation crew doesn’t routinely do an exceptional job, the overall condition of the processing environment can quickly degrade, and harmful pathogens will be allowed to spread, further infect, and multiply. In addition to ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance, overall cleanliness and sanitation is also important not for aesthetic reasons and, by extension, the overall morale and productivity of the employees.”

Their impact is felt throughout the workday by other employees:

“A clean and organized workspace can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Indeed, all employees would likely agree that they would much rather work in a facility where the floors are clean and free from debris, as opposed to a facility where the floors are littered with ingredients and finished product.”

PSSI appreciates the hard work and dedication displayed by our sanitation workers who shoulder a heavy responsibility and deserve public acknowledgment every day.  Please know that although your work is behind-the-scenes, the end results are very much front-and-center. Thanks for all that you do—and consider this a virtual hug.


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