Safe Foods Chemical Innovations Secures Excellent SQF Quality Rating

Apr 18, 2023

Safe Foods Chemical Innovations celebrates its fifth year as a SQF Certification Level III company.


Safe Foods Chemical Innovations Secures Excellent SQF Quality Rating

As a leader in food safety chemistry, Safe Foods Chemical Innovations strives to ensure a safe food supply for its customers and to stay ahead of their sanitation needs. The company proudly celebrates its recent Safe Quality Food (SQF) audit achievements.

To receive SQF certification, facilities must meet strict benchmarks set by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a private company dedicated to ensuring that facilities are processing safe food for consumers.   

Safe Foods Chemical Innovations received its initial SQF Certification Level III in 2018, making it the first company in its industry segment to do so. Its food safety processes underwent thorough review and testing in order to identify, monitor, and control hazards and prevent contamination. From where chemicals originate to how they are stored and shipped, each step is documented in order to allow PSSI to pinpoint and respond to any issues swiftly. 

The chemical company now celebrates its fifth year as a SQF Certification Level III company. Although SFCI does not manufacture food products, it was held to the same rigorous standard as other food processors. Its facility received a score of 98%, an increase from the previous year’s 97%. Both scores place SFCI within the highest-ranking score category. 

As it moves forward, PSSI remains committed to meeting food safety regulations and customer requirements to keep food safe for all. 

About Safe Foods Chemical Innovations

Safe Foods Chemical Innovations is a division of PSSI Food Safety Solutions and offers superior chemical solutions, intervention processing aids, innovative equipment, and real-time analytics software to food processing partners around the world. Together with PSSI’s contract sanitation services and pest prevention, they work cohesively to provide a unified, total protection approach to food safety, supporting more than 725 partner plants every day. PSSI’s team of more than 16,500 skilled food sanitors, microbiologists, technical experts, engineers and safety specialists are committed to protecting people and brands by keeping USDA, FDA and CFIA processing facilities clean, safe and audit-ready. The PSSI team works hand-in-hand with every partner to develop customized, comprehensive programs for smarter and more efficient employee and food safety.

Contacts: Gina Swenson, PSSI,, 563-581-0343


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