Value-Added Sanitation Services Can Drive Substantial Savings for Warehouses

Jul 01, 2021

Strategic recycling and shrink wrap reduction programs protect environment, impact bottom line savings


Value-Added Sanitation Services Can Drive Substantial Savings for Warehouses

When it comes to hiring outside sanitation support, there’s a lot to consider as it relates to services and level of support included as part of an agreement. A true sanitation program can (and should) be more than just traditional cleaning services.

This is especially true inside warehouse and distribution facilities, where waste can build up quickly. Material overuse and unmanaged waste are not only bad for the environment, but the hard costs related to trash pickup, shrink wrap use and other areas can add up quickly.

Our team at PSSI not only focuses on ensuring that your facility is clean and well-maintained, but we go above and beyond to define cost-savings strategies on how to manage waste effectively. All included as part of our sanitation partnership. Some of the key value-added services we offer that have proven to significantly impact savings include:

Food Safety Support
PSSI leverages 40+ years of food safety expertise leading sanitation for food processors to deliver an enhanced level of support. Our in-house team of food safety specialists and microbiologists work closely with our warehouse and distribution partners to build proactive, customized plans for preventing harmful pathogens that can impact the quality and safety of products. They also provide immediate support during times when there might be a concern related to a spill or other incident requiring specific mitigation support.

Recycling Management
Decreasing the overall amount of waste and finding ways to repurpose or recycle materials has a significant impact on bottom line costs. This includes cardboard, wood boards and shrink wrap. PSSI helps define a strategy and manages a process to separate material that cuts down on the number of trash pick-ups per week and increase overall recycling revenue. In some cases, PSSI partners have been successful in cutting their trash pick-ups almost in half saving thousands of dollars per month. Additionally, it is better for the environment and supports specific green initiatives. View the Case Study.

Shrink Wrap Reduction and Material Salvage
Our dedicated cleaning crew with PSSI is trained on how to recover and salvage as much as possible before throwing anything away. Shrink wrap in particular is one area of focus because often times there is not a process in place to track the usage or waste that may result from extra being thrown away. PSSI helps every partner track this and put unused shrink wrap back into production, as well as increasing recycling revenue with used shrink wrap. Recent PSSI data shows savings of more than $1,000 per month across individual warehouse facilities in material salvage alone.

Pallet Sorting & Staging
PSSI understands both the financial and safety impact that improper sorting and staging can cause. Our highly trained team helps sort pallets by color or material, communicate new pallet loads and full pallet trucks, ensuring our partners are getting the most out of pallet recycling programs. Additionally, our team focuses on staging pallets, enabling order selectors to safely and efficiently continue to move about on forklifts, aiding the overall goal of more boxes selected and shipped.

Trailer Sanitation
Truck and trailer washing is another demanding task that is often left to the wayside when it comes to in-house sanitation duties. PSSI offers detailing services for truck trailers as part of sanitation agreement using a verified 8-Steps of Sanitation process. This allows an in-house warehouse team to focus on the core of their job in maintaining high-quality products and not worrying about diverting resources to cleaning. It also provides a higher level of food safety protection avoiding any contamination during transit.

Additional Cleaning Services
In addition to cleaning the main areas in warehouse or distribution facilities, PSSI also includes the cleaning of offices, breakrooms, bathrooms and exterior areas to ensure all areas are well-maintained and sanitized. This keeps employees happy about the cleanliness of their workplace and prevents pathogen contamination in the other main areas.

All of these value-added services outsourced on their own can be a significant budget line item for many warehouse and distribution facilities. And not to mention, very difficult for managers to coordinate. Our team streamlines everything related to sanitation with a dedicated team by your side to make the process as valuable as possible.

For more information about these services and to hear a testimonial from one of our partners, visit or download a copy of our “Guide to Sanitation in Warehousing” whitepaper.




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