Raising the Bar on Food Safety for Warehouses and Distributors

May 01, 2021

New approach to sanitation that delivers enhanced protection and ensures audit success.


Raising the Bar on Food Safety for Warehouses and Distributors

Are you a Food Safety Program Manager or other representative who oversees sanitation in a Warehouse or Distribution facility? Do you struggle communicating with temp agency workers regarding the frequency or quality of work? Do you feel unprepared and find yourself scattering to prep for regulatory or customer audits? Are you uneasy about the quality of work and how it could negatively impact the quality of your products or outcome of your audits?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Sanitation and Food Safety management is a complex job that requires specific expertise and detailed management, that shouldn’t all fall on your shoulders. Especially with the growing number of regulatory requirements and detailed customer audit needs that are essential to keep your business running safely and smoothly.

When done properly, you should have confidence in knowing your facility is ALWAYS safe, clean and audit-ready. Not just before an audit or customer walk-through. It should also be a key selling point for how you can position your facility above your competition to win new business.

Our team at PSSI leverages more than 40+ years of experience managing food safety and sanitation for some of the largest food processors across the USDA, FDA and CFIA industries, to deliver a whole new level of protection for warehouses and distribution facilities.

While our approach or plans may differ by your specific facility needs or type of products, our accountability and execution is always consistent with no nickel and diming. Every PSSI partner benefits from…

• Customized sanitation plans designed specifically for your facility including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checklist of sanitation tasks that need to be completed.
• 24/7 on-site sanitation support, including a consistent team and manager overseeing every shift.
• Value-added, cost-saving programs, including recycling management and SHRINK reduction, as well as office, breakroom and bathroom cleaning.
• Detailed reporting and documentation to ensure you are always up to date on what work has been completed and prepared with the right information for audits.
• Food safety and microbial mitigation expertise to provide the proper protocols for spills or other incidents that could result in a food safety issue.
• Audit Support to validate sanitation effectiveness and stay ahead of the constantly changing BRC, SQF and other customer audit requirements.

In a nutshell, our goal is so much more than just providing a clean facility. We are an internal partner working side by side with your team every day to bring additional value to your overall operations. We are dedicated to make your job easier and your facility safer, leveraging our experience and vast team of sanitation and food safety experts to ensure every product maintains optimal quality. That way you can focus on the core operations of your business to remain consistent and on-schedule.

For more information about our sanitation and food safety management program specific to warehouse and distribution facilities, visit https://www.pssi.com/warehousing/. Or contact us today for a free evaluation.


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