A Message from PSSI regarding COVID-19.

Mar 19, 2020

PSSI response to COVID-19


A Message from PSSI regarding COVID-19.

At PSSI, we take the health and safety of our team members and partners very seriously. During this evolving global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we are focusing new efforts around ensuring our people are supported. By sharing information and resources, following the recommendations of the world's leading health organizations, and building our business continuity plans, we can work to ensure our teams have the support they need during this time. While the long-term impacts and overall risks of COVID-19 are hard to measure as they evolve day to day, we at PSSI are taking the proper steps and continue to actively monitor the impact the virus may have on our team members and communities we serve.

Following the guidelines of the CDC, PSSI's Corporate Office Employees are currently working remotely. Even though our employees are fully equipped to serve customers as usual, we apologize in advance for any delays in response time you may experience.


>> A designated emergency response team comprised of Senior Leadership and key department leads has been formed and meets frequently to discuss updates to the crisis; formulate plans to support our teams and solve specific customer inquiries.

>> We closely monitor the advice of the WHO or CDC organizations in an effort to keep our team members informed of the latest. Key tools have been communicated from those sites or others have been created and customized for PSSI protocol on a daily basis.

>> Travel restrictions including all non-critical meetings, trainings, support help, and any other matters have been placed for March. To manage job duties effectively and maintain a strong level of customer service, we encourage team members to use Skype video meetings, increase the frequency of phone calls, and other types of technology readily available.

>> Procedures have been provided to follow in the event a team member is exposed to or has acquired the Coronavirus.

>> Creating options to work from home for office employees and supporting any technology needs required to assist in limited disruptionfrom daily responsibilities and expectations.


As a food safety company, PSSI Food Safety Solutions and PSSI Chemical Innovations are dedicated to protecting the quality of our partners products, the integrity of their brand, and the well-being of their customers. The situation with COVID-19 is fluid and PSSI continues to monitor and make adjustments to our organizational plan, daily.

>> Training: Communication has been sent out across the organization with training to our team on the role each can play with prevention and control associated with protecting themselves and others.

>> Travel: Restrictions have been placed on all non-essential air travel, for all team members. The travel restrictions include all non-critical meetings, trainings, support help, and any other matters taking place in the month of March.

>> Staffing: As with our other staffing contingencies, if our local PSSI Food Safety Solutions team is not available to work due to quarantine or otherwise, contingency plans are being developed to make support help available. We will also be proactive in partnering in finding solutions in the event staffing shortages occur on either side of the business.

>> Questionnaire: As a proactive measure to protect against the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented a COVID-19 Questionnaire to utilize to screen employees to acknowledge if they have been diagnosed or in contact with a confirmed case, if a member of their household has returned from a CDC Level 3 or Level 2 Country within the last 14 days or if they have exhibited any cold or flu symptoms including fever greater than 100.4° F in the last 24 hours.


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