Feb 04, 2020

The definition of ‘clean’ takes on a whole new meaning when you work in the food safety business. Our job is not only about cleaning – it’s about protecting the safety and quality of our ...


The definition of ‘clean’ takes on a whole new meaning when you work in the food safety business. Our job is not only about cleaning – it’s about protecting the safety and quality of our partners products and the health of consumers.

We take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to ensure our food processing partners have confidence in the sanitary condition of their plant each and every day.

In order to track and monitor success closely, PSSI uses a systematic approach that we call our 8-Steps of Sanitation. This scientifically-verified process is the cornerstone of how we keep plants and products contaminant-free.









Every single sanitation shift conducted by PSSI follows our proven 8-Step process that is tracked in real-time and executed by expertly trained sanitation and food safety professionals. Here is why this process works and just some of the benefits it can bring to you, your team and your brand.


From dry pickup to real-time tracking and monitoring to documentation, each of the eight steps are subdivided into evidence-based elements of performance. For example, our detergent application step involves the critical ‘PSSI Four Factors of Wash’ including time, temperature, concentration (cleaning agents), and mechanical force that are monitored in real-time to make sure they are consistent with each plant’s custom sanitary design plan.

No short-cuts

Effective sanitation is based on detailed focus and consistency. Our sanitors and food safety experts are not only trained on how to execute each step effectively, but also have specific training related to different kinds of chemicals, equipment and environments. This includes knowing the right chemical concentrations and mixtures for certain surfaces, potential microbial hazards, and how to disassemble and reassemble equipment properly in wet or dry environments. We maximize our time to ensure no corner is left untouched and sanitized.

Documented results

PSSI is the only sanitation provider that truly understands the importance of Documentation, including it as a critical 8th and final step of our process. During this step, PSSI’s sanitation team reviews critical information gathered through its Real-Time Performance Metrics platform throughout the sanitation process to create a comprehensive daily report for plant managers. This report provides a detailed snapshot of the discoveries and actions that took place throughout the sanitation process. This not only provides increased transparency and confidence for plant managers but is also a critical element in supporting successful audits.

Audit Support

The detailed records and information required for compliance audits across the food processing industry continues to grow. It can quickly become overwhelming for many plant managers to keep up with the complexities of audit requirements. That’s why PSSI extends its own dedicated Technical Service Team teams to help partners stay on top of the specific compliance requirements across regulatory bodies (USDA, FDA, and CFIA) as well as a variety of other third-party audits. Our teams work closely to ensure every plant manager receives the correct and detailed documentation needed after each sanitation shift to support successful, stress-free audits.

On-site chemical support

In certain cases where the defined sanitation process is not 100 percent successful, there may be an urgent need for higher level troubleshooting support. PSSI has its own team of chemical experts (PSSI Chemical Innovations), including microbiologists, on-call to help develop customized solutions for taking action against any microbial issue or build-up concern. This is a large part of our food safety commitment to ensure we are maximizing our time to deliver the best results to keep your operations running smoothly, with no downtime and the safest food processing environments.

Having a comprehensive food safety team with the right resources and a consistent, evidence-based chemical and sanitation process will not only deliver better, more consistent results, but having immediate access to reporting and documentation to back it up is simply unmatched across the industry. With PSSI Food Safety Solutions and Chemical Innovations, and our proven, research-based 8-Steps of Sanitation approach, you will always be ‘in the know’ to operate confidently every day.


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