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Investing in the Science Behind Food Safety

PSSI is committed to protecting and advancing the future of food safety. Over the last 45+ years supporting sanitation and chemical services for food processors, we’ve led new advancements across the industry by investing in new talent, training and technologies to help our partners stay ahead.

As we embark on the next decade ahead, we are putting a key emphasis on the science behind sanitation. Chemical design, including the quality, mixture and concentration, play a critical role in sanitation and food safety.

To further reinforce the value of a cohesive food safety solution, we’ve unified our chemical business (link to press release) under the PSSI brand. Packers Chemical, Inc., now PSSI Chemical Innovations, will continue to provide chemical products and services as an integrated solution working together with the PSSI Food Safety Solutions team. This unified structure provides a seamless experience from start to finish, including significant savings related to chemical costs, downtime, safety and accountability.

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The integration of our chemical and food safety teams as one Pssi family is part of our vision to lead a safer tomorrow for our partners.


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