Water and Wastewater Conservation

PSSI is committed to sustainability efforts for our partners. We understand that a significant amount of water and energy is used daily to sanitize your facilities. Our goal is to provide our partners with water conservation solutions through our continuous improvement efforts.

Through our work with our customers and several dedicated projects, we have set a goal to save 2 billion gallons of water by 2026. We know that efficient use of water resources results in lower operating costs, a more reliable water supply, and a sustainable future. Tactics used to achieve goal include measuring processes and improvements through continuous monitoring.

Process Control

We collect data using real-time metrics to track water usage, identify trends, and set goals in our water conservation efforts.

Process Improvement

We continuously monitor our team members to improve efficiencies within the plant to eliminate waste of overall clean by 2-5% each year.


Innovation and technology play a vital role in water sustainability efforts. We work with our partners and team members to enhance current tools and solutions that offer new design features and best practices to reduce water waste in each facility.


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