PSSI helps leading airline catering business resolve urgent listeria outbreak





A leading provider of airline catering and provisioning services at an international airport was facing potential shutdown of its operations. The company was struggling with major labor issues and was hit with numerous FDA violations, including traces of listeria found on the company’s trolleys that were used to serve in-flight meals by the airlines. The business was forced to temporarily shut down its kitchen operations, nearly losing its partnership with airline clients.




PSSI had the expertise and resources ready to jump in and help solve the food safety issue. PSSI quickly assessed the situation and developed a strategic deep cleaning program designed specifically to kill the listeria and protect the plant from any future contamination. As part of the assessment, PSSI discovered the chemicals being used were not strong enough and needed to be a higher, more industrial grade of detergents and sanitizers to effectively clean the facility. The PSSI team set up the correct chemical formula and a consistent rotation program for deep cleaning the company’s plant on a weekly basis.




After thoroughly cleaning and consistently tracking the sanitation, PSSI successfully decreased the number of positive tests from 10 percent to 1 percent in just a 30-day period. The flight kitchens got back up and running and the clients have a renewed confidence their airline partners. The company’s internal moral is higher and turnover has significantly decreased as a result of the positive support from PSSI.


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