PSSI leads complete sanitation recovery for food processing plant facing potential shut down by the FDA



A food plant in the Northwest Pacific area that sold sandwiches to a popular coffee company was in the process of being acquired by another company and was about to get shut down by the FDA. When the FDA came into the plant, they found the conditions unsatisfactory and advised the plant to shut down.


A representative from the company looking to purchase the plant called PSSI on a Friday night to inquire about support for cleaning up the situation. PSSI toured the plant and immediately deployed a complete sanitation recovery team.

“At that point, I had never seen anything like it,” said the PSSI area manager. “You could say the in-house team that was failing lacked proper tools, water pressure or hygienic design, but what they really lacked was training and supervision.”

PSSI pulled together more than 20 team members from all over the area to get the plant back up and running, while also managing their work at other plants. The PSSI team members worked extremely hard, sleeping at rest stops while traveling between plants, to get the job done.


As a result of the sanitary expertise and urgent dedication of PSSI, the team was able to recover the plant and get them back in good standings with the FDA within just two weeks. PSSI took over as permanent sanitization provider and has been cleaning the plant ever since.


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