Standardization in Sanitation Advances Warehouse Audit Performance

Sep 01, 2021

Organized approach and dedicated sanitation staff play critical role in operational success.


Standardization in Sanitation Advances Warehouse Audit Performance

The key to any successful sanitation program is consistency. And consistency is achieved by having the right people with the right training, management, and standardized processes in place.

With frequent customer walkthroughs and critical external audits, this is especially important for warehouses and distribution businesses. Managers want comfort in knowing their facility is being cleaned properly so they can focus on the core areas of their job managing operations and customer relationships.  

But the problem is, many facilities continue to struggle with unreliable staffing, lack of documentation and many other factors that leave managers scrambling when it comes time for an audit or customer walk-through. This not only eats up a significant amount of time, but also results in inconsistent sanitation that can lead to negative audit results and/or loss of customer business.  

Unlike traditional cleaning services, PSSI has a professional food safety program that requires no additional management or oversight. As part of our agreement with every partner, we leverage our large staffing footprint and food safety leadership to deliver consistent results by providing:

  • A dependable team of fully-trained food safety sanitors on-site 24/7
  • A salaried manager (either Site Manager or Supervisor) overseeing every shift
  • Weekend support to execute deeper level cleaning tasks to avoid disrupting weekday warehouse operations

This dedicated team of food safety professionals follow a comprehensive sanitation plan built specifically for each facility including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks to ensure it is always customer and audit-ready. They are also readily available for any questions or issues that arise. And, most importantly, provide detailed documentation of every task executed so facility managers are always ‘in the know’.

And the results speak for themselves.

After partnering with PSSI, a broadline warehousing facility in South Carolina was the first across the industry to receive a perfect audit score as part of an external BRC Audit. This had previously been unheard of and gained national attention at the corporate level of the company.

PSSI also has 100 percent audit success rate across all warehousing and distribution facilities it manages.

This level of dedicated support and performance not only gives facility managers a new level of confidence allowing them to focus on the core warehouse operations, but it also becomes a key selling point in winning new business and retaining customers. Clean, well-managed facilities standout and having consistently positive audit performance numbers also helps differentiate your warehouse or distribution facility from others.

Our approach is also dedicated to help your team discover new ways to save money as well. In addition to sanitation and food safety support, the PSSI team also provide key value-added services like strategic recycling management, shrink wrap reduction, pallet sorting initiatives, and more.

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