Laying the Foundation for Food Safety Success

Sep 01, 2021

Why you should lean in on leadership during vulnerable times.


Laying the Foundation for Food Safety Success

We are experiencing an interesting time as a country with massive staffing shortages affecting almost every industry. This is particularly unnerving when it comes to our food chain, including the quantity and quality of products being produced. Demands for processors continue to increase without the staff available to support it.

It’s not only forcing many processors to cut production, losing out on significant revenue, but it is also creating a lot of vulnerability around food safety and employee safety. Employees are being stretched thin and having to execute work across a variety of areas to meet minimum demands. This includes in-house sanitation employees being pulled into production roles and vice versa. And the resulting stress and burnout can cause even the best employees to cut corners and a lack of specific job training opens the door for potential safety issues.  

Leadership is critical in overcoming times like this and leaning on the right experts to help.  

While our team at PSSI certainly feels the pressures as well, we are leaning in on the unique foundational work of our business to continue delivering consistent protection for our partners. These foundational elements include our scientifically-validated 8-Steps of Sanitation Process and Real-Time Performance Metrics platform, which are essential to our team executing successful sanitation every single day.

The 8-Steps of Sanitation Process ensures every step is executed safely and effectively, with no gaps or shortcuts made. And the most important part is our ability to provide thorough documentation of every single step to support audits and provide our partners with the highest level of confidence going into each workday.

Additionally, the Real-Time Performance Metrics platform takes our work to an even higher level by measuring key factors that can impact the effectiveness of sanitation, including time, temperature, titration, and mechanical force. These are critical to the performance of sanitation efforts and enabling sanitors to adjust needs in real-time is a true game-changer.

  • Time: Time it takes for process cleaners to adequately penetrate, breakdown, and remove soils from a surface.
  • Temperature: Water temperature levels that affect the effectiveness of soil removal and chemistry activation.
  • Titration: Concentration of process cleaners as it relates to chemicals on surfaces along with their pH values to effectively help penetrate, breakdown, and remove soils/debris.
  • Mechanical Force: Refers to the optimal water pressure or utilization of a scrub pad during sanitation process to assist with the breakdown or removal of soils/debris on surfaces.

These are incredibly well-researched and tested functions of our business that have taken years to develop and perfect. And even in midst of change and stressful times, they help to keep us focused and consistent in the execution for our partners. It also provides accountability for our team members and confidence in knowing their job was done properly, which is an important element to retaining talent and continuing to build a strong culture.

So don’t suffer in silence. Lean on leaders who can help keep your customers happy and your operations as safe and smooth as possible. Contact our team today to learn more about our solutions –


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