Microbarrier Elite in Action: Customer Experiences

Mar 02, 2021

Two examples of how Microbarrier Elite has protected surfaces in food processing facilities.


Microbarrier Elite in Action: Customer Experiences

It’s been almost a year since PSSI Chemical Innovations started applying its new Microbarrier Elite product in customer facilities to protect equipment from microbial outbreak. And with the pandemic bringing an elevated need for extra protection, it couldn’t have been released for sale at a better time.

What is Microbarrier Elite?

Microbarrier Elite is the premier supplemental registered residual surface antimicrobial coating for the protein food processing market. This water-based antimicrobial product that when applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces, creates a highly durable protective shield that provides long-term antimicrobial protection that inhibits and prevents the growth and spread of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae and mold. Extensive laboratory testing has established and corroborated that Microbarrier Elite quickly eliminates and provides long-term suppression of germs and microorganisms.

Here are two examples of how Microbarrier Elite protected the surfaces in two different food processing facilities, which in turn, protected their products and their brand.

Before using Microbarrier Elite regularly, this facility was down an entire production line.

A fully-cook, food processing partner of PSSI was having micro issues at the exit of their oven. PSSI’s team of food safety experts came in and found some niche points on their processing line that were harboring bacteria.

Through various tests, they identified the specific problem area and started applying Microbarrier Elite to this area every two weeks. With the use of this new product, they were able to eliminate or control the microbial hot spots. Here is what the customer has to say about their experience with Microbarrier Elite:

“Microbarrier Elite has been a powerful weapon in the war against Listeria monocytogenes in our post-lethality and near-to post-lethality areas. We have seen that it provides critical long-lasting antimicrobial protection in those hard to clean and hard to reach spaces of our facilities. We have observed immediate and long-lasting improvements in our environmental swabbing results through the use of Microbarrier Elite in our sanitation program. I am convinced of the effectiveness of Microbarrier Elite and have seen it verified through the findings of our internal testing and swabbing program. We will continue to use Microbarrier Elite in our sanitation program and recommend it for any other program in need of a powerful antimicrobial residual barrier in their battle against Listeria monocytogenes or other microbial contamination.”

Before using Microbarrier Elite regularly, this facility was out of compliance.

Another customer who utilizes Performance Based Sanitation (PBS), which means their subjection to government inspections are limited as long as their micro levels do not exceed their designated count, found Microbarrier Elite helpful in staying in compliance of their PBS program.

During the warm months of the summer, this facility found themselves struggling to keep their micro levels under control. As part of this PBS program, if their micro levels exceed their maximum allowance, they are to stop production, clean, and become subject to inspection.

PSSI Chemical Innovations partnered with them and applied Microbarrier Elite every 3 weeks to keep their micro levels in compliance. By using surface protecting product, they were able to reduce their upward micro trend by 44%.

These and other partners who have seen Microbarrier Elite in action quickly understand the protection power it brings. By protecting the integrity of your production surfaces, it’s proven to significantly lower your risks of microbial outbreak.

Click here to read PSSI’s Whitepaper about Microbarrier Elite and the science behind it.


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